Weird TrueAlert SCM Behavior

So, I was about to do a quick sneak peek video for Mini Test 93 on Twitter, and usually for sneak peak videos, I don’t want to give away too much on what the alarms are being used in an upcoming test (and, to an extent, what pull station is in it as well), so I disconnected the wires from the “Horn Control In” terminals so to make the TrueAlert horn/strobe act as a remote strobe.

Uncertain as to whether or not the iPod touch camera would pick up the sounds of the SCM clicking over the -9838 horn, I key-activated the pull station to make sure I did everything right. It worked just fine until I cut the power. As soon as I cut the power, the horn of the TrueAlert sounded for a split-second despite the horn not sounding. This has never happened before. Also, this weird behavior never happened when I did a strobe-only test of the same exact TrueAlert horn/strobe back in 2014. One final thing to note: it apparently doesn’t seem to do this every time I cut power to the circuit.

Was it because I had the 9101+9838 horn/strobe combo wired before the SCM? Would this be a reason to get the 4905-9815 module?

I do have a video just to show you what I mean (it also has explanations that basically had summarized everything that I had said in this post).


The Truealerts at my school do something very similar. Is your Truealert SmartSync? Also, there’s about a 5 second delay between the strobe and horn on the Truealerts at my school. Does anyone know why this might be?

It’s probably does that when the capacitor discharges.

Could be an issue with the Sync Modules. Sometime the panel has one or its own built in, and there ones distributed throughout the system, it takes a few seconds for them to find their sync. So that might be it.

That’s what I always thought. There have been other issues with the system, such as the Truealerts doing a random half-blast when the system hasn’t been activated, and multiple Truealerts in one hallway all out of sync (both horn and strobe) with each other.