Welcome New Users!

It looks like Ben removed the restrictions on joining a couple of days ago. :slight_smile: New members should post here so we can welcome them.

I joined here a few days ago.

Welcome :slight_smile: Its good to see new people around here.

He had the block on to keep the spambots out, but a few people messaged me saying they wanted to join but the board wasn’t open at the time. I am glad to see new members, but on the other hand, the spambots are already back posting porn…

Welcome! :smiley:

Salutations, one and all! My name is Kevin, but you can all me Kevtistic! From where I come from, National Time & Signal Corporation has a huge presence in our area, and my knowledge with fire alarms is whizzing around in my noggin every day! And now that I am a user, I can share with all of you what fire alarms are like back in my hometown and around Michigan! I think that this is a good start to what could soon be a great relationship with all of The Schumin Web forums… :smiley:

Welcome! Its good to see new members that are serious, rather than spam bots.


Welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve noticed quite a few of the new posters are from DFA, TSW’s “branch-off” forum. Quite interesting.


yep! there are 3 forums now…

There’s a third one?

2. DFA
3. Mine