"we're going to Ibiza" by the Vengaboys

Anyone heard this song? It kinda sounds like “we’re going to eat pizza”. I would have thought that’s what it was if I hadn’t seen the title of the song before the first time I heard it.

I was pretty sick today so I took some cough syrup. Does anyone else feel like they have made the measuring cups that come with it smaller?

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Drink the sizzurp

Purple drank!

I like my syrup creamy white, nice and thick. Cup size does not matter… :smiley:

same here! bring it on!


I think we should dedicate this topic to explaining the point of this topic.

There is no point. This is now the “The useless topic thread”

Uh…well…i dont really know what to say abou this…O_o

You have a problem with it???

Uh…well…that sortta depends on what was intended :lol: