Were there any older wheelock pull stations from the 80s, besides the sigcom pulls, and the old 40s/30s wheelock pull stations

Did wheelock make pull stations in the 80s or 70s.

As far as any of us know Wheelock has hardly ever made their own manual stations: the SigCom ones are just rebrands & those didn’t last too long as far as I know, though there is at least one, the NS-OS, that was supposedly made by Wheelock themselves, though this one was made decades ago & of course is not made anymore. Notification appliances have generally been more their thing/area of expertise compared to other kinds of fire alarm system components.

Has wheelock made a smoke detector

All I know is their parent company Eaton does make smoke detectors that can be used with the intruder systems.

Thats cool i was wondering about that

For the European market only I’m guessing

Wheelock in the US only really does notification

By the way, are there any images of a large safepath system

What do you mean by “large” SAFEPATH system? Last I checked Wheelock only sells one model of SAFEPATH voice panel, the SP40S, which is standard panel size.

They do sell heat detectors as well but it seems like they’re meant for explosion proof industrial environments.

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Like the old original systems

Are you referring to Wheelock’s pre-SAFEPATH voice panels, the VoiceLink-series? (even though they came in fairly standard size too)

Actually yes that is what i was talking about

Oh, alright. There are only two models in that series as far as I know though, which are the DV-100 & DV-200, & both of those are standard panel size.

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