Westminster Presbyterian Church, Ann Arbor, MI Rare NATSCO system

This system mostly has Natsco Branded 7001Ts and Natsco 641 pulls. They also have a few Genesis alarms on the bottom floor.


Wow! I’ve never seen national time rebranded 7001T’s before!

what is the bell for?

That’s probably a school bell. That church probably has Sunday school

Neither have I!

Weird way that that’s bell mounted if you ask me. The LED Genesises on the first floor can’t possibly sync with the much older 7001Ts either.

I have never seen those 7002ts upsidown before

That’s a 7001t, it’s basically the flush mount version of the 7002t.

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Same here: quite unusual that at least one is mounted that way.

They look like they could of been ceiling mounted

Technically no: the fire lettering on the bottom/top of the strobe is facing the wrong way for ceiling mounting: it’s facing that way so you can see it from below the alarm.

I’ve seen those rebranded 7001Ts in a couple of places around here–Laurel Park Place in Livonia and Garden City High School in Garden City. Interesting how one of those units is installed upside-down; you can even see that the strobe is crooked!

That vintage bell, by the way, is most likely an Edwards 17 model; I have one of these in my collection, albeit non-functional at this time since I don’t have any wires hooked up to it. It is the very first collection piece I ever bought.

do you know what the panel is

It’s a satisfaction to see these mech horns in such perfect condition.

yeah I wonder when the system was installed

National Time & Signaling 7001T’s are super rare to find. However their strobe probably won’t be as bright as the LED Genesis (which looks pretty new). That gray bell could easilly be messed with since its hanging down in the open.

Yeah! Heck I’m not even sure I knew that they rebranded them until I saw them in this post!

Yeah: most (if not all) frosted Wheelock strobes are 1.5 candela, nowhere near the ADA minimum of 15.

True, but most people probably won’t.

either class change or elevator bell

Yes, the church is also used as a preschool for spanish kids. the classes are held on the basement floor (the floor with the bell and genesis alarms.

The church was built in January 1969.

Yea, the bell is very low and I could easily touch it. but it’s high enough so little kids cant reach it.