What 3rd pull station should I get?

I am planning on getting a new pull station. I want you guys to decide what I should get. I narrowed it down to 3 pull stations. Vote Here: http://www.strawpoll.me/14596127

You can’t go wrong with Simplex so that is what I voted for.

Unless you buy a TrueAlert with the intent of running it off three 9 volt batteries. Not criticizing them, just saying you can make mistakes while buying anything.

What’s wrong with running it off 3 9-volt batteries?

Simplex uses a sync protocol called smartsync and if the horn/strobe uses smartsync, it can ONLY be run on a smartsync circuit. Otherwise the strobe will only flash one time when power is removed. This is different from other manufacturers because usually if you don’t use a sync protocol, the horn/strobe would just free run. But Simplex smartsync horns and strobes will do nothing without smartsync.

I decided on the BG-10, as it has the most votes, I already have a BG-12 anyways.

I hope that you enjoy it then when you get it!