What color does each fire alarm give off?

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Recently, I saw an image based on color psychology and one’s personality: what color does each person give off? Well, I decided to take a spin on this by having the fire alarms as the subject! This can apply to any fire alarm device (panels, pull stations, N/As, etc.) Here is the image for reference:

Fire alarms are supposed to alert you if there is a fire, nothing “fun, caring, friendly” or “calm, cool, and laid-back” sounds like a fire alarm.


fire alarms dont have emotions they are just there for alerting if there are a fire.

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Fire alarms are life safety alerting devices. They are building safety systems we are weird enough to find interesting. they do not have emotions as they are not sentient. a fire alarm cant be “passionate”

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UPDATE: The wording got mixed up- This topic was to describe the sound of a fire alarm notification appliance based on the color descriptions in the photo above, not the “emotions/psychology” of a fire alarm. I apologize for the misunderstanding!

Either way, the alarm isn’t supposed to be joyful or anything. It’s meant to tell you to get out of the building.

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Got it- is there any way in which this topic can be locked? Thank you in advance!

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