What fire alarm device is this?

Screenshot 2021-11-09 3.40.39 PM
Screenshot 2021-11-09 3.44.44 PM

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That’s a Fulleon Roshni, a somewhat-popular European fire sounder, also rebranded by Federal Signal in the US as the “LP4 Streamline” series.


That would be used in Europe more!

Indeed it would be, heck I’m surprised to see one apparently in use in the US (or at least North America provided that’s where the photo was taken).

Italy? France? The Netherlands? Huh? Huh?

Not sure honestly, though I believe a lot of European manufacturers’ sounders are used all over the continent of Europe (especially since some of them come standard with the tones each country uses).

Maybe Germany? Belgium? Romania?

What do you mean?

According to what I’ve read Fulleon (maker of the Roshni sounder as well as its sounder/strobe counterpart the Flashni) is based in South Wales, not sure about other manufacturers though.

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I recognize it from my hotel in the Netherlands. I saw one in my hotel room!