What fire alarms would you put in your house or dream house?

If I were to put a system in my house, here’s what it would be:
Simplex 4010
TrueAlert Horn/Strobes (my bedroom, master bedroom, garage, office, media room, living room, master bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, dining rooms), 4904 Strobes (Restrooms, small rooms that don’t need horn/strobes), Wheelock ASWP (Attic, Patio)
Initating Devices
Simplex 4099 Dual Action Pulls
TrueAlarm Smokes
Simplex 4906 Annunciator in Laundry Room
All alarms are Synced, signal coding is code 3.

And if I were to have a dream house:
Notifier NFS2-3030 (has Voice EVAC)
Wheelock Exceeder HSR Horn/Strobes (Bedrooms, Master bathroom, Garage, Attic, a few offices, train room, Data Room, Basement, Lobby, dining room on 1st floor, kitchen), Wheelock RSS Strobes (Restrooms), Wheelock E70 Speaker/Strobes (Ballroom, 2nd Floor Offices, Bowling Alley, 2nd Floor Office Wing Hallway, Taping Rooms, Home Theater, Home Theater Lobby), Wheelock E70WP Speaker/Strobes (indoor swimming pool)
Initating Devices
Notifier NBG-12LX Pulls
FSP-851T Smokes
System Sensor i3 (elevator recall)
Notifier Annunciator in Lobby
Alarms are synced, Horn/Strobes do code-3, speaker/strobes play a slow whoop tone and a voice evac message.

In my house:
I actually made this video back in 2008 explaining this, but I feel like redoing it.


  1. White (“wall mount”) System Sensor SpecterAlert Advance Speaker/Strobes mounted on the ceilings (yes, they can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling) in the living room, kitchen, and family room.
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  2. White (“wall mount”) System Sensor SpecterAlert Advance Speaker/Strobes mounted on the walls in the basement and upstairs hallway.
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  3. White System Sensor Mini-Horns in the bedrooms
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  4. White System Sensor SpecterAlert Advance Strobes in the bathrooms, as well as other places that may not receive adequate strobe coverage.
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  5. White Outdoor System Sensor SpecterAlert Advance Speaker/Strobes in the garage, and outside.
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Initiating Devices

  1. A Fire-Lite BG-12LX by each door and flight of stairs, as well as next to the panel.
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  2. System Sensor i3s in the living room, family room, basement, upstairs hallway, and bedrooms.
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  3. System Sensor 5602s or similar in the kitchen and garage.
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  1. A Fire-Lite MS-9050UD panel, installed out of the way, near to the garage.
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  2. A Fire-Lite ACC-25/50 audio command center tied into it
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  3. A Fire-Lite ANN-80-W by the front door.
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Hey! U8oL0 some of that sounds like my current system! :slight_smile: Good choices, however you should pick some addressable smokes and heats :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: I didn’t spend a ton of time trying to find model numbers for addressable smokes and heats. What does your system have?

My current and real system

Here is my home alarm system. We built the house when I was pretty young but there is not much more that I would ever want in a house so I would have to say I am living in my dream home, alarm system aside I love where I live! Initially there was a conventional multi-zone FireLite sensiscan 2000 but I have upgraded the system completely. Questions? Ask away!

(FA was powered down at time of photo)

The system consists of
Qty Device

  1. MS-9200UD (Fire-Lite addressable control panel)

  2. 25/50X (Fire-Lite voice evacuation control)

  3. SP2W2415 (System Sensor speaker/strobe white)

  4. SP201W (System Sensor speaker white)

  5. RSS-2415W-FW (Wheelock remote strobe white)

  6. Wheelock White HSW

  7. Wheelock MIZ-24S-W

  8. SD355T (Addressable Smoke/heat detector) (Some have sounder bases, to eliminate the need for a separate sounder)

  9. H355 (Addressable heat detector)

  10. D355PL (Addressable duct detectors)

  11. BG-12LX (Addressable Pull station)

  12. BEAM355 (Beam type detectors)

  13. LCD-80F (LCD annunciator)

  14. Control, Monitor, and Relay modules (assorted types)

  • Used for Sprinkler flow, tamper, hvac shutdown, secondary device monitoring, and other assorted things.

The lack of pull stations are because they are not required by the LAHJ. This is just a very large home, not a business.

Pulls are located only in the basement, service kitchen, and by the private “service and delivery” entrance which would not be used by guests.

System is monitored by both a private alarm company using both conventional phone line as well as a cellular transmitter. Monitoring is backed up by a town monitored radio box.

There are devices I missed or miscounted I just based this off my documentation and did a count off the top of my head. I did a handful of updating and changes to it over the summer after some work was done around the house.

I like my work and the system to be as low profile, and as invisible as I can make it.

Check my Yoututbe for some basic videos.

What were some of the changes that you did? Also, what is the alarm that can be heard in this video?

Ermmm haha lets see if I can remember…

We changed the way the guest area on the second floor was setup and made it into two separate bedrooms with two respective baths so I think it was pretty simple. Removed everything old and added I think three new smokes, four new strobes in each guest room and two speakers, and added a heat. I think a conduit was also moved to accommodate a wall moving. I also added smokes to the basement to make up for walls moving around down there also added a horn strobe to a wall down there. Nothing to big.

The sounder is a Spectralert horn/strobe it sounds unpleasant as it was powered from the Fire Lite panel not a clean power supply, that has since changed and there are two Altronix power supply units in place of the fire lite power supply units.