What internet system do you prefer

As title says

  • Wired
  • Wireless
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Just what the title says

I prefer wired, as it’s more secure and reliable, but of course, not a lot of places have wired internet anymore, so I’m forced to settle w/ wireless.

5 GHz Wi-Fi or hard-wired.

Hardwired for anything other than “routine” browsing and instant messaging.

I like wired because wireless is a pain in the ass to work with. I had a LAN and I pushed the wrong button and then I Konked out the LAN and The internet and it took me 5 hours to fix.

Can’t beat the good old hardwired, in my opinion. Wireless can be much more convenient, though.

Wireless on my Macbook
On my server/PC, wired. Which basically houses the entire network. With the PC turned off. I can’t access other shared files on the network.

With desktops, I prefer wired. With laptops, wireless.

But I plan on buying a desktop computer for my room (I plan on buying a refurbished G4 eMac to save money), and I’ll have to settle with wireless for that. At least it works fine there. Though eMacs don’t have built-in wireless, I will try and see if my Linksys wireless USB adapter is Mac-compatible. If not, I’ll custom order the eMac with an Airport wireless card.

Massasoit Community College is also completely Wi-Fi accessible. Prior to summer 2008, only the Student Center, Business, Science, Technology, Liberal Arts and Humanities buildings were fully Wi-Fi compatible, and the auditorium in the Fine Arts building and the swimming pool area in the Field House building each had a wireless router on their ceilings. But during summer vacation 2008, since they were doing quite a bit of fixing up to the buildings, they also installed more Wi-Fi routers in the Fine Arts and Field House buildings, and the Administration building finally became Wi-Fi accessible. The Maintenance building has wireless Internet too, as I have heard, but it is not the Massasoit wireless student network; it’s a third-party system installed by the maintenance people that work in there.