What is a Node In plain terms?

My system has an issue with Node 27. Is the Node the Data Gathering Panel on that respective floor that receives the inputs from the input initiation devices on that floor?

If i am parsing the question correctly you are correct, with the caveat that the panel does not necessarily have to be on the same floor as the devices, though that is a common way to engineer such large systems.

I see. So it is possible that a loop to node 27 is a circuit line connected to that Node.

What manufacturer of panels do you have?
A node on your network is usually a control panel or in Notifiers case, a digital voice command, but a node should be a head end of systems network.
It is very important to identify each node of your system, because alarms, supv., and troubles will usually report to your network as NxLxDx.
If your dont know what your node #s are, you most likely wont know where the event is coming from.
I would usually put something at the network annunciators to tell what node # is what.

We have Notifier. We also have Data Gathering Panels on each floor. On the main FACP it shows Node 27 has issues with a loop and speaker strobes. I was wondering what is the Node itself. Our Node 27 covers the 7th floor for example.

What do you mean by data gathering panel?
If you have a panel per floor, then node 27 is probably the panel on that floor, but the node is the panel.
A node # is assigned to every control unit, 640, 3030, DVC, in your network.
If you dont already have one, i would get a list of the nodes on your network, the equipment tupe of each node, and the location of each node from your installer. That should not be hard, because that information will be in thier program and can be accessed offsite.

Each floor has a panel that ties into the primary lobby FACP which is a 2 way panel with Warden/Firefighter phones. The main FACP is indicating issues with Node 27 which is the 7th floor local panel based on the address points log it states Node 27 is 7th floor. It is called here a DGP or Data Gathering Panel and they are on each level of the property. Also do you know if it says speaker K, A etc how does one locate that speaker if it has an open circuit ? These floors are massive.

K or A is just what was typed in for the description for that ckt. Youll need to reference a floor plan or as-built drawing and hopefully all your ckts are identified on a drawing.

I see. And that will indicate the various notification appliances based on the letter designation in the program ? i.e Speaker I, Strobe B etc ? I have a bunch of open circuits for some of them I want them to fix but they state they would have to activate alarms and one by one search for the respective appliance in trouble status.

If you have accurate drawings, probably would come from the electrical contractor that installed your system, you should be able to troubleshoot from those, if not, theyre right, they would need to turn things on to see whats working and whats not…
Good luck

Thanks a lot. I have the as built drawings now. I will pass it a long.

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