What is an Amplifier Panel Vs a Node Panel

Can someone explain this to me ? I see we have a Amplifier Panel/Cabinet independent of the actual Node Panel on each floor of the property.

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With the systems I am familar with, a node is a fire alarm control panel or an annunciator or a DVC (digital voice control). Each of those are considered a Node and have an address on a fire system network. The amplifiers are sub components of the DVC and there can be several (32) on its digital communication loop. Each amplifier also has individual speaker circuits. So the mother DVC can send a message out to AMP #2, circuits 1,2,3,4 and AMP #4 circuits 1, 3 and AMP 5 circuit 1 to broadcast event messages to various area or floors separately or the whole building or individual floors depending on setup.

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Here each floor has a Node which also has a separate Amplifier Panel. So you are saying that the amps are sub components of the Node on each floor ? Each Amplifier I assume would be composed of speaker circuits for that respective floor if each floor has a node of it’s own ? We also have a main FACP in the lobby which has 2 way communication warden phones. Is that what you mean by a Mother DVC ?

Networked audio (routing messages and tones between nodes) is kind of a pain on many systems. Nowadays it’s not so bad, but anything older than a decade it was likely impossible. The solution it sounds like was used in your building is to have nodes spread around the building for the addressable devices and strobes, and have another node that has amplifier cabinets spread around the building that just runs the audio for the speakers.

That sounds correct. Many Amplifier panels and each floor does have a Node panel. I do see one Loop on the as built layout. We have many issues with speakers and strobes open circuit troubles on one particular node. Can that be a problem with the loop tying into the node ?

The open circuit troubles stem from the individual circuits on the amplifiers and booster power supplies fro the strobes. If these are wired the most common class B, then the amp or power supply is not seeing the End of Line resistors for the circuits in trouble. The amp and BPS sholud identify which circuits have issues. What brand / model of system is this? Fixing those open circuits should be a priority especially if the spaces are occupied. There are speakers and strobes that will not work in the event of an emergency.

It is a notifier NFS2-3030

Great, I’m very familiar with that product line. The literature for those components should be easy to find. What amps and booster power supplies are installed?

Where would i find that ? The as built drawings ?

What I see is DAA2-75

AMPS -24

As built drawings will have the components of your system, hopefully the control equipment too. But they won’t have specific details on the power and trouble leds for each circuit. Check the net for manuals on the 3030, DVC, Amps-24 and DAA5075. Amps-24 aren’t normally used for strobes. They generally power the NFS-3030 and DVC control and there is a separate power supply for strobe circuits.

What is the amps 24 is that the power supply and charger for each Node panel ? And the the DAA2 I see it as listed AMP panel then it shows’ 1 Amps 24 corresponding to it. Does that mean the Amps 24 is powering that Amplifier cabinet ? The Amplifier is not a DVC it is networked to a main DVC in the lobby or what we call a Fire Alarm Control Panel.

Where would they find the power source for the strobe if it is separate

The AMPS-24 is usually mounted at the bottom left corner inside of the cabinet with the NFS-3030. It has 120vac supply and 24 VDC output to the 3030 panel and two wires to the backup batteries. The DAA2 should also have 120vac power to it and either its own pair of 12 volt batteries, or share batteries with the AMPS-24. The strobe power supply can either be mounted inside the same cabinet as the amp or 3030, or have its own separate cabinet about 16" x 20." It will also have 120vac to it and backup batteries. Your as-built drawings should should the type, model, wiring and location of the strobe power supplies and their circuits. Look for a Riser diagram.

Hi Thanks. From what I see we have the 2 cabinets on each floor one is the Node and next to that is the Amp Cabinet. Can construction cause this issue such as removing the face of the speaker also ?

Yes. Taking a speaker or stobe off of its mounting base, depending on mfgr, most likely would cause a trouble on the circuit.

I See. That could be it thanks for your in depth help and knowledge . Will each speaker be located only through the as built layout. The crew can’t seem to find when it says speaker H for example on the 8th floor. They say they must physically search the entire 8th floor for it.

We start with the circuit numbering from the panel. So a speaker on Node 2, Amp1, circuit 3 would have a label N02A01SPK06. The next speaker on the circuit would be N02A01SPK07. If your system uses letters, look for speaker G or I and then trace the wiring in the right direction. If there is construction going on, its possible one has been demo’d. Also depending on the date of the drawings and original installation, areas could have been remodeled with updating the prints.

Good enough. Thanks again I will mention it to the crew because they seem at a loss on finding them saying they have to activate alarms to locate it.