What is the difference between these two smoke alarms

Nothing aside from the design from the looks of it.

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I’m pretty sure that the intelligent one has voice. The first picture only beeps when there is an alarm.

Both of their descriptions say that they have voice alerts though.

Ah, I didn’t read the descriptions.

Ok so I figured it out by going on the site and reading both descriptions.

The more expensive one has an alarm memory feature, so it will let you know when CO was previously detected. The cheaper one doesn’t do that.

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As also a smoke alarm enthusiast, I know the answer. In reality, they both look the same. They also both have voices and smoke & CO detection. The bottom one is actually a fake image. They got the design form the Kidde/FireX i4618AC. They just put two grilles on it. Although they interpreted the looks of the one on top.

Now why do you suppose they would do that? (heck what site is that?)

that makes no sense why would they do that

I think that the one on the bottom is a voice alarm or something.

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Huh. I really wonder what the difference is.

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My guess is that is a marketing strategy, when you see the word intelligent you think it is safer so you want to buy it.