What is the worst fire alarm fail you have ever seen?

Maybe it’s a temporary construction wall? (It looks like it might be.)

In any case this would be the drywaller’s fault - the horn/strobe or speaker/strobe definitely came first.

It’s like it’s peeking out.

(Quietly) “umm, guys, there’s a fire”

I’m not sure if this counts, but a Simplex TrueAlarm butted up against the wall in my school. I believe it messes with letting smoke into the detection chamber.


hey atleast it serves two rooms now

If it is a temporary wall, maybe they just wanted the signal to sound on both sides of the wall.

Found this at the gym in school today. If you look closely, the cover is broken.

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Not even a pull station cover can survive a round of dodgeball. Time to get that changed out before it breaks off the other big piece.


Saw this at a Harbor Freight. Random symbols were popping up on the annunciator.

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It must requires thousands of PSI to work

This seems to be a common issue tho

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In one of the mechanical rooms in my school, there is a bg12lx right next to the light switch. It has no cover on it.

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