What is this alarm? (56K WARNING)

This is in paradise pier, my hotel.

HUGE PICTURE! O_O Down size it please XD

Anyway It looks to me to be ether a chime strobe or a speaker strobe. What panel or pulls were there?

That is a speaker. Not a speaker strobe or a chime strobe.

It might be a chime, but it does not have a strobe.

I would guess that it’s used for a PA system, because most code requires alarms with strobes.

He could be in Canada, where there’s no requirement for strobes.

The system is a simplex 4100U and the pulls and stuff are tbars and truealert strobes and a few 4904s with truealarms. The PA speakers are different, and they are the only ones in the hotel room.

Idk then! XD

Lol I just saw this red fire alarm painted white at tower of terror in Disneyland.

Okay, seriously. This is getting old.

Please learn to resize your images. It is NOT that hard!

Andrew, sooner or later you’re going to have to make a new topic in the beginners area on how to resize a picture.

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It’s really not rocket science to figure out how to resize a pic…


I know exactly what the first one is: A Classic SpectrAlert Speaker. (Ceiling, of course)

The second, is, of course, a Wheelock E-70 Speaker Strobe.

The system is unusual. It’s a 4100U system with tbars and 4098 trueAlarm smokes. They have simplex truealert strobes (red) and some 4904 ceiling mount strobes (white) in the restraunt and main lobby. The halls have those on the ceiling, and the rooms have them on the wall. There is no alarms in the pool area or the exterior. Lol whoever installed the alarms at disneyland should get alarm painter of the year award