What is this emergency light?

My school has a bunch of these recessed emergency lights. There are two different versions, and this is the first and probably older one. I’ll post a picture of the other one when I can.


Here’s the other version.

i’m not sure what brand it is, but those do resemble mid-century ceiling fixtures made by various companies. I went to a Catholic school that had some of those made by the Art Metal company of Cleveland.

These are from the 80s so that’s a possibility. Do you have any pictures of them? I will say they resemble the Lithonia Lighting ELSQ/ELSQM and the Chloride SPU series. The main thing that tells me that the later two aren’t it are the test button location.

no, but you can go on usmodernist.org and browse the various architecture magazines (Architectural Forum and Record) from the 1950s and 60s. You’ll find all sorts of vintage ads there.