What is this pull station. I know its firecom, but what's the model, or who was it rebranded from

What is this pull station

Very little is known about that station other than it’s supposedly an original Firecom product & that it also supposedly went with the 8000 (as indicated by the label on the front).

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Found some of them on old 8000 and 8500 system installs, made during the era before the LSN was introduced and I’m pretty sure it’s designed and produced by firecom themselves, not much information on these since they are like vintage at this point from the 80s before the modern internet age period of online documents


Wasn’t the 8500 introduced in 1989/1990/1991

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No, it was designed in the 70s, patented in 1980 and sold soon after that until the Life Safety Net 2000 series came out which was around 1994

When was the 8000 made

I thought it was a rebranded edwards 8500 with different tones/parts

You can’t assume that one brand’s product is the same as another’s just because the model name or number is the same.

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The 8000 and 8500 were made in the same time, I assume the 8000 is a smaller model of the 8500 like less points but that’s unconfirmed

No it’s not a Edward’s panel they design their own panels, pull stations and warden stations and made them in their warehouse while those were still being produced

Now days ever since the LSN series came out they buy devices from other manufacturers except for warden stations and panels which they still make by themselves.

I am pretty sure the 8500 was a new version of the 8000. @Gary_Scott your dates sound about right. First time I heard of a 8500 was 7 WTC then.

These system didn’t really have points, they had DGP’S that were conventionally zoned.

They were hard coded and chips burned in the shop.

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They built their own, doubt it even had a part number that meant anything. They had a matching warden station

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Oh, yes, that Warden phone. I’m saving up to buy that thing.


This is what you need

Thank you so much man

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