What is up with the images?

Hey that’s a great question: I didn’t properly test the import of images prior to actually transferring the forums. Many images that were external links DID copy in, however anything that used the “attachment” feature didn’t work. Let me explain:

The importer script was designed for phpBB 3.2, but we were on 3.3. I did have to make some minor adjustments to the script provided by Discourse to make the import happen. What I failed to realize was that images in phpBB 3.3 used a new format, where they gave the file name a unique identifier that was cross referenced in the phpBB database, previously it was a more simplified file system, and the simplified file system is what our import script was made for…

Now that being said, there is a solution. While I’m not too certain there’s an easy way to automate such a task, I am willing to take the time to manually replace missing images, as I have a backup of all the former attachments. I have started this process, but there are a few thousand pictures. It’s no small task, and it’ll take time, but I’ll do everything in my power to get it fixed!

NOTE: This is only due to phpBB images, if your post contains images post-Discourse migration, you are unaffected.

If your external image links don’t load properly, you may try to edit your post and re-enter the link which could fix the issue.


UPDATE: Only 849 more images to go… but who’s counting…


I tested uploading images from an iPad and it works fine but the images are a bit skewed and whatnot.

Can you show me where you see this?

Images are wildly sized.

It’s got them as their actual size, looks like it’s expected behavior. If you don’t like that they’ll next to each other like that, you can put one on each line which will space them out.