What is your favorite Analog FACP?

What are your favourite Analog FACP cost and usable features?

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Would a “conventional” panel be the U.S. equivalent of an analog FACP?

In this case, “analog” refers to “analog addressable” systems. This differentiates it from digital addressable systems that are really only able to tell whether an addressable device is activated or not.

This doesn’t make much of a difference for dry contact devices like pull stations and relays, but it does have an immense impact on smoke and heat detectors. In a digital addressable system, the smoke detector is either normal or activated. It’s almost like a conventional smoke detector has just been assigned an addressable point and only tells the panel a single binary value.

With analog addressable systems, the value reported back to the panel can be a range of values. This allows the smoke detector to be programmed to be either more or less sensitive.

Most addressable panels these days are analog, and while I’ve worked with only one make and model of panel before, I really like the direction Notifier and Gamewell-FCI are going with their addressable systems.

So essentially they’re intelligent panels then?

My personal favorite analog panel has to be the NFS-320 and the NFS2-640 due to the fact there’s a lot of features and there one of the few high end panels that can be programmed by the front panel (even though being limited). I’m not sure about the regular NFS-640,NFS2-3030 and the regular 3030.

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My favorite one would be the Siemens Cerberus Pro (and before that, the XLS and MXL), for multiple reasons.

Reason 1: Integrated voice evacuation - and the default message actually gives accurate instructions
Reason 2: Compatible with smoke detectors that use the FirePrint detection algorithm (and later, ASAtechnology) - no more false alarms!

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Thank you for your reply.