What is your favorite type of music?

What is your favorite type of music?

  • Electronic/Dance/IDM
  • Rap
  • Hip-Hop (there IS a difference)
  • Heavy Metal
  • Classic Rock
  • Modern Rock
  • Death Metal
  • Abstract
  • Other/Combo (please list)
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What is your favorite type of music?

Mine happens to be electronic/dance/IDM, the artist being Prefuse 73.

Electronica and New Age are my favorites.

You should check out Prefuse 73 then. He is my favorite artist so far, but that’s just my opinion. I especially like his song “Drum Machine Cello Headwrap”

Classic rock.

Boston, Frampton, Queen, Skynyrd.

I guess I would have to say other. I like some '80s music as well as classic rock and all sorts of other music here and there. I have stuff on my mp3 like Tears for Fears, Whitesnake, Boston, and other genres mixed in.

I like most kinds of music, but rock is by far my favorite. I especially like 80’s rock.

For me, my favorite type of music happens to be Pop. Hip-Hop/Rap & R&B/Soul come in a close second and Rock is my third favorite.

Classic and modern rock

My most favorite is Country. I do listen to a lot of other different types from time to time, but I listen to country most of the time. Also, during the Christmas Season, I listen to Christmas music throughout the whole season.

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