What panel has the best NAC V

Which Panel has the best NAC voltage output? I currently have a siemens (CP) SLX-EX and I can hook up 20 strobes on 115 candela with no problems. and they all work great. What Panel has the best voltage power?

Most modern FACP NAC outputs will be somewhere between 24-28VDC, it’s the maximum current output that really matters in determining how many devices the NAC can support.

That being said, I don’t think any modern panel can surpass the NAC power of old AC relay-based systems.

anything with DC will be way better than anything with FWR.

the slx-ex has 24vdc with 3amp outputs, so it’s pretty solid but it’ll fall to 20.4 if it’s running off of old batteries.

the siemens pad-4’s are better though because they can put out 24vdc regardless of battery degradation, and the simplex 4009 can output 29vrms regardless of battery degradation. i’m not sure of any other manufacturers that do this, but it wouldn’t surprise me if others did.

DC is much better than FWR power though, it’s cleaner and more efficient. i’d avoid any FWR power supply if at all possible.

So more amperage = better output? As long as voltage is between 18-32V correct?