What parts do I need and how do I build an EST3?

The title says it all.

I know very little about the EST3, but I would first caution you that you might be in over your head. To my knowledge, no hobbyist has ever set up a working EST3. It cannot be programmed without the SDU software and a license dongle, which you receive from taking a 5-day training course for $2400. I suppose you could also find an EST3-certified technician in your area who’s willing to help you out, but that’s unlikely. If want to buy a panel that you can actually use, I recommend reading <URL url="So you want to buy a FACP...]this topic[/url] and considering a non-proprietary system.

That being said, if you’re determined to build one, the parts depend on what you want it to do. An EST3 consists of rail modules that mount to the rail chassis. Cabinets come in a variety of sizes that support anywhere from 5 to 21 rail modules. A basic EST3 panel requires a 3-CPU1 central processor, a 3-PPS/M primary power supply, and a 3-LCD display. You’d want at least one 3-SSDC Signature driver controller module, and the notification modules depend on what combination of NAC’s and/or audio circuits you want. See the manual for more detail.

What parts do I need to build an est3 with voice evac?

Just like what Destin said. Est 3’s require special software to program them

I know that. Do you know what parts are needed to build an est3 with voice evac?

No. I don’t know what parts you will need

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found this on ebay Ebay Link

Where can I take the 5-day training course for $2400?

I don’t know good luck with it

Work for an EST/Edwards Dealer

they offer classes in Florida, Arizona, and in California

The parts you can get if your patient, but the software to program the system and someone who knows how to write the syntax would be your biggest challenge

The Edwards Signaling website has a distributor and where you can buy them. All you would have to do is enter your ZIP code and every Carrier certified distributor will pop up within that range of the ZIP code… However they are 3rd party contractors so I’d think they would have to install a system for you if you wanted to get the official EST parts. (This may vary based on what contractor you want to buy it from)

Are you sure that you want to build one of those?

3-CAB14 (min)
4-pps/m (3-pps/m no longer sold)
3-za20 (min)

But EST is discontinuing the line end of the year and parts available for an additional 3 years.

You also need to be a certified fire alarm installer/technician. I don’t think they just let anyone take the course. I know when I did the Kidde VS-CU and VM courses I had to give them my CFAA ID.

Prerequisites: Recommendations: Basic Fire Alarm or equivalent experience; Fire Alarm system background (3 years); experience with personal computer and Windows; and NICET Level II certification.

This is straight from Edwards site.