What professional will be able to wire up a fire alarm system without a panel?

In late July, I purchased a Wheelock AS and two pull stations. I plan on getting more alarms and pull stations soon but I don’t know how to power up the alarms. What professionals will be able to power these devices?

Are you planning to install an an entire system for a building or a hobbyist system?

I plan on installing a hobbyist system with no panel.

I’m not sure what you mean by “professionals”, but did you read and understand our discussion in your last thread?
Was there anything in there that required clarification?

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I mean like a business that can work my fire alarm

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Businesses generally only work on professional systems with panels. Before you try wiring your alarm to your pull station, I’d recommend you just connect it to the power supply. Take the positive wire from the power supply, and connect it to the “+” terminal, and connect the negative from the power supply, and connect it to the “-“ terminal. If you need any help, just PM me, and I’ll walk you through it to the best of my ability.

I wouldn’t advise connecting your pull station as suggested above. That will cause a direct short on the power supply when the station is pulled. It will either blow the power supply or a fuse, burn up the wire or weld the contacts on your station.

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He means the Notification Appliance, not the pull station.

I found this post

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Normally the positive wire from a power supply is the one with the dashes. That goes into the terminal with the “+” sign. The other one goes into one of the pull station terminals. (Doesn’t matter which one.) Then you take a third piece of wire, put one end in the other pull station terminal, and the other end into the terminal on the alarm with the “-“ sign. Only loosen the terminal screws enough to slip the wire underneath. You don’t need to fully loosen them. PM me with pictures of ur setup so I can verify that it will work.

What wires will work?

You don’t need a special kind of wire, but I recommend speaker wire because it’s easy to work with.