What rare devices do you have?

I know that there are some pretty rare devices out there, so I thought it’d be interesting to see what other users have in their collection. I have quite a few as seen below

Pyrotronics MS-5 Evacuation Alarm Pull

IBM 4251-11 Chevron with screw reset

Wheelock AES-DL1-RH-24-VNR Horn Strobe

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Red Wheelock WST-24 strobe

Photo credit: Destin (thesdx). I bought this alarm from him a few years ago, so the device in the above photo might actually be the one I currently own.

the Chinese Bootleg SpectrAlert

I have a CPG Dual action pull station. It has a battery that powers a buzzer when the open part is opened. Very neat!

I have a CPG Dual action pull station. It has a battery that powers a buzzer when the open part is opened. Very neat!

-A Fire-Lite light (one of those big triangular ones, 120V)

-Soundolier SV22-2 Remote strobe

-Simplex 4048-R

-Wheelock 7002T (HALON)

-Wheelcok 3300 “FARR-LARM”

-Wheelock F34T-24-WS (4 Wire 7001T)

-Edwards 340-T and 341-T Trouble bells

-Whelen Strobe-Alarm

-Pyrotronics FIU-6 paired with a ZIU-6

No pics available right now, but most on the list above have been in at least one of my videos.

Here’s mine:

  • [*]Ademco 623-12 heat/photoelectric detector combo (very rare in EU, I am probably the only French person to own one)
  • [*]VERY EARLY Nugelec MCP
  • [*]Merlin Gerin Two-tone sounder (can do linear or AFNOR)
  • [/list]

    Not that much but still…

    For me, I have a lot of vintage devices, but if I had to pick some that were truly rare, they would include my National Time “Fire Drill” panel, my wind-up bells, and my Falcon Pyro-Sentinel, to name a few.

    -Edwards C-895B-301 (apaptahorn/strobe plate)

    -Edwards 311 (old adaptahorn)

    -Cincinnati 13525 (pull station)

    -Edwards 360 (old flush mount adaptahorn, grey)

    -Edwards 360A (same as above but red & 24v)

    -Edwards 61599 (old coded pull that was never coded)

    -Edwards 23 & 24 bells

    -Edwards 332-D (120V single stroke fire bell)

    -Westclox POC-78B (old smoke alarm with coded mechanical horn)

    -Edwards 1047 (Interesting style of an edwards 6" bell)

    -Canadian Sound & Signal A5-6 (old single stroke bell from 1969)

    -Edwards 560 (old black adaptabel)

    -Edwards 4 zone ‘flag’ panel

    Just off the top of my head

    My rarest device would probably have to be my older Simplex 4050-80 light plate with white “FIRE” lettering. When they first began making 4050-80s with “FIRE” lettering around 1974, they used white lettering, before switching to the familiar black lettering in 1976. Or maybe the white lettering version is from the early 1980s and was made as a replacement part for existing 4050-80s that had their lens damaged; who knows? (I say this due to Simplex making those remote 2904 lights/strobes that came with a red lens with white “FIRE” lettering.)


    First saw it and a few others at an elementary school a couple of my former teachers were working at. Then when they replaced them in early 2016 (with Wheelock AH-24WP-R horns on RSSPs!) I salvaged a couple of them from the dumpster, along with some other older-style 4050-80s with the blank lens. The one in the video I kept, and the other went to Andrew.

    - Edwards 270-SPOTB pull station (dual-action 270-SPO with an additional tamper switch for the front cover)

    • Notifier FM-9551S pull station (perhaps the rarest recently-made device I own)
    • Kidde MP1 pull station
    • IBM 4252-1 pull station
    • Honeywell S464D1000 pull station
    • Edwards 279L pull station (Edwards-branded BG-10L)
    • Gamewell 69233 speaker
    • Edwards 364A Adaptahorn (red)

    IBM also made fire alarms???

    A very rare version of the simplex chevron, the 2099-9798 with a NYC stripe on it.

    Fire alarm systems were part of the Time Recording Division of International Business Machines. In 1958 Simplex Time Recorder Co. purchased the time recording division from IBM to increase STR’s share of the time clock market. The fire alarm systems were included in that purchase.

    Add to that list a Cerberus Guinard F715 ionization smoke detector from 1988, these are very rare as my country is cracking down on ionization smoke detectors and gradually removing them.

    I also have a device of that type

    In a few days I will get a rare alarm: the EST G1F-VMR with a red strobe

    Update: here it is

    i have a simplex 12vac 4050 with the back of the sounder plate thing grey instead of red, but the front is red. i don’t know if this is considered rare or not, but i decided to put this in anyway.

    I have a Standard Electric Time pull station. It’s only the front but they still sell for upwards of a hundred dollars. It’s in really good condition too.