What’s your dream panel?

What’s y’all’s dream panel? Mine is either a gamewell zans 400 or a gamewell ins2 network “ idnetifire “

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My dream panel currently is a Fire-lite MS9200UDLS or rebranded equivalent or the panel I designed (Alterator I-71).
Edit: the Simplex 4001/4002 are also dream panels.

Those panels are NICE!

Either something custom made, or a simplex 4004.


Simplex 4005, I have one at my school and I love it. Only saw it in action once when I helped with a drill, but it would be awesome if I could have one.

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Simplex 4100U, but I have one already :slight_smile: (just gotta get/upgrade mine to an ES)

I have seen a few cheap ES cpu’s on Ebay, what are you waiting for?

I’m waiting for my friend (The building supervisor of my school) to hand over the retired 4004 and prototype panel. The fire alarm system is getting overhauled with a 4100ES voice evac system, and a handful of people have agreed that i should get the panels along with the notification appliances and initiating devices to reduce waste and to continue their use.

Eh… It’s either an Ansul Autopulse 2000, or a Simplex 2001 that I’d like to have.

Maybe one day, who knows…

Simplex 2001’s are NICE!

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I definitley want a Simplex 2001 FACP. I feel at one point so many people were aquiring one. They are super rare in my area. I think one school had a very small red 2001 panel in my province, probably long gone.

Notifier SFP-10UD.
I like the conventional for the sake of using whatever devices I want easily.
I like the simplicity of programming and the Honeywell user programmability.
I like all the built in sync protocols and the filtered DC on the NAC’s.
10 zones is plenty for me.