What sirens have you heard in person?

The sirens that I have heard in person were the FS 2001 sirens sounding in alert for the monthly test in Mandan and Bismarck, ND ( The area where I live.) Some others are the 3T22 in Glen Ullin, ND doing a noon blast, and the EOWS 612’s in Aberdeen, SD in fast wail for the weekly test.

I have heard 2 of Sedalia, MO’s 2001-SRNBs and 1 of Warrensburg, MO’s Modulator 5020 (the one by the hospital).

A Federal Signal 2001 happens to be the only siren I’ve heard in person: I’m not sure of the exact model but it was just down the street from a house we were renting at the time & sounded off as part of a test once (it’s one of quite a few sirens that are around that general area due to a nearby nuclear power plant).

I have heard the 2001s in Lees summit Mo a thunderbolt 1000t in downtown KC and the Modulators in wikaloa Village HI

There is a T-Bolt In Downtown KC?! I drove past one of Lee’s Summits Thunderbolts while taking my dad to KMCI. I happened to look out the window at the right time and saw it down a street.

i heard it but couldnt see it

Darn. Let me consult the thunderbolt siren map!

The T-128 that is right by my elementary school.

I have heard a vertical darley champion, federal signal model 2, 5, 7 and a federal signal model Q

of course you’ve heard a model q. Almost everyone has! (And they sound awesome!):grin:

I’ve heard a 2001 and a few t-128’s at the same time, as well as multiple 2t22’s, which is what my county uses.

Looks like I need to update my list.
I have heard 2 of Sedalia, MO’s 2001-SRNBs, 1 of Warrensburg, MO’s Modulator 5020 (the one by the hospital), and 1 of Warsaw, MO’s Eclipse-8s.

I’ve personally seen a few of Dallas’ FS 2001-130s, a Whelen Vortex (with VisuAlert) near my grandparents in Garland, TX, some of the dam warning sirens at Lake Brokenbow, OK (I know there are a few 2001s, and some Whelens), and every siren that went off at Siren Con 2023, and the Alertronic at the camp that Siren Con is at.

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I’ve also been to Dallas’ Office Of Emergency Management and got to set off every siren EXCEPT for the Modulator 6024 at DBU, because they want it to do a silent test.

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I have heard a few T-128s, and a few FS 2001s.