What type of security camera manufacture companies do you like or don't like?

What is your favorite or least favorite security camera company that manufactures security cameras? The best ones that I like are:

  1. Axis Communications (they produce the best cameras in the market, but not only the cameras but IP audio and IP access control systems. Based in Lund, Sweden)

  2. Hanwha Vision/Techwin Wisenet (known as Samsung. Based in Korea)

  3. Avigilon (probably propietary)

  4. LaView (which I have a few cameras from LaView and they’re not bad)

  5. Bosch

Camera companies that I don’t like is:

  1. Hikvision

  2. Dahua

  3. Reolink (even though I never tried a Reolink camera, some people say that the night time performance on Reolink cameras is quite poor.)

So yea, which is your favorite security camera companies, that you like or don’t like.

Tip, if you’re going to use a IP camera for a stand alone operation and or on a NVR, I would recommend that you turn off UPnP and Bonjour or any port fowarding discoveries, unless you have to in your case…

So far I like the Tapo cameras. They are cheap and work quite well. As well as Reolink due to their dual lensed outdoor cameras. For transportation cameras I like REI.

I like Axis and Ubiquiti. I have a visceral distaste for Smasnug.
Also Avigilon is owned by Motorola Solutions, the same division that does their radios.

Also I looked that Avgilion now owns AVA another security camera manufacturer that they own for awhile. Motorola Solutions Acquires Ava Security Limited - Motorola Solutions

I tried to download their device manager software (incase if I do get an Avgilion camera), but they’re somewhat proprietary with their device management, and VMS softwares.

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I really don’t like proprietary software.

My house has 3 Logitech IP cameras but runs on old monitoring and alerting software (when I go to it’s local page it tells me to download Adobe Flash Player to view it). Video quality is quite good but microphones on it don’t really work that well.

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My district uses Axis cameras, and they use Genetec to manage them, as well as the access control.