What type of siren?

If you can’t already tell, I am not really into the emergency warning sirens, however, I did take this picture last April for this subforum and I was just wondering what type of siren is this.


Also why would they need a siren in Pine Grove, CA. There are no tornadoes or floods there since it is up in the mountains. My guess is an old air raid siren.

Any help or information about this is appreciated!

Looks like some kind of Model 2.

Yeah, that’s either a 2 or a 2T.

It would be best to refer you to another forum called “Air Raid Sirens” a mod here (Matt) runs it, you can find it here: https://airraidsirens.com/forums.

Sorry for the HUGE bump, but this siren is either a Federal Signal Model 2, or a 2T. Being in the mountains surrounded by trees, it’s likely a forest fire siren.

That’s a federal signal model 2(T?) it could be used for wildfires