What Types Of Alarms Are These?

Someone on eBay messaged me about the stuff I have for sale asking if I could help him find the exact models of the following alarms in the pictures.

I said that I may be able to get some help from the forum. I’m not that familiar with these vintage alarms. I’m pretty sure these are all Wheelock and Space Age, but I am not sure. I believe the first one is a Wheelock 7001T, but please correct me if I am wrong.

Does anyone know the exact models? The guy wants to find out more about the lights and strobes than the horns. Thanks in advance!

Wow, somebody has been collecting photos for a long time. The last one is mine, but I don’t ever remember uploading it anywhere. :lol:

From left to right: Wheelock 7001T, Atlas Sound speaker/strobes (no clue on the model #), Standard Electric Time light plate with Vibratone horn, Edwards 882-2B horn with 7641R lamp station, Wheelock ES-series electronic horn/strobe

Some of these I’ve been looking for since I first started collecting.

I have the picture of the Atlas units. They’re Atlas SAV-3-60s.

Thanks for the help! The guy will be happy to know these models! :smiley:

I am not sure where he got the photos. But almost all of them have appeard on this or another alarm forum in the past.

What is this persons ebay user name?

He says he got them from Google, so that makes sense.

Who asked you for the information?