What Voice Evac is this?

I have arrived here in this great search to find the voice evac brand. It has been just over a year since the fire alarms in the Luxor Las Vegas went off at 3 in the morning. Sadly, I have been unable to find what brand voice evac this is.
Luckily, I have a video!
Alarms in the Luxor:
Gentex Commander remote strobes
Unknown speakers
And on the bottom two floors, EST Genisis Ceiling-Mounted speaker strobes (Mounted on the walls)
Can you help me figure this out?

That’s an EST system. Judging by the setup I saw when I was there a few years ago, it appears that the Luxor originally had an EST IRC-3 system, although it is highly possible that it has been upgraded (perhaps during the hotel’s late '90s expansion) since the message heard in your video sounds like it could be from an EST3.

Cool, Thanks! Do you know where I can find audio files for these messages, or type them out?

I’m not sure where you could find audio files for EST messages. EST seems to use a rather wide variety of messages and tones with their voice systems, so finding that specific message might be tricky. The one heard in your video was likely specifically recorded for use in hotels equipped with some sort of two-stage system, as the message appears to be for the first stage (alert) rather than for general alarm (evacuation).

Yeah, I need to find the actual alarm evacuation message.

Luxor has a gamewell e3 now i think