What voltage is required for the Simplex Truealert

I have tried to activate it with 9V but all it does is the strobe flashes
and the horn just clicks
I think i dont provide enough voltage for the device

The device you have is smart sync

Is it an addressable Smart Sync true alert. Those devices won’t function properly without a SmartSync Module. Simplex likes to make their equipment only compatible with their stuff.

(Correct me if I am wrong.)

Yes that is right, but they are not addressable, they are just Smart Sync TrueAlerts, as they lack the majority of adressible features.

@FirealarmsNsirens, your options are obtaining a Simplex 4905-9938 Sync Module, (Preferred) or you can take the challenge and reverse engineer the Smartsync Protocol Yourself. (Not recommended if you don’t know much about electronics and programming.)

As for voltage, 24v into the module will do the job.