What was calvinet.com?

Okay… I was looking through some older threads and noticed many broken images that had the domain uploads.calvinet.com. I also noticed that many members on this forum used to have websites on calvinet.com.
So, my question is, what was this? Also, does anyone have an archive of images on the uploads.calvinet.com?

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe it was the current domain’s predecessor. It used to host Andrew’s site, and others. I do not know the current status of the domain.

Wasn’t it owned by another fire alarm enthusiast a long time ago?

Well whatever it is it just 404s now, so it obviously isn’t up anymore.

Many years ago, “calvinet.com” was simply a blog site run by Calvin, a forum member here who is now inactive.

Calvinet offered some web hosting capabilities which, at the time, were widely used by fire alarm enthusiasts to host personal collection websites, images, etc. That’s why you see so many references to the site on these forums.

Now a question for some older members (e.g. Dan M, thesdx, NewAgeServer, etc…)
Does anyone have an archive of photos that were on the uploads.calvinet.com domain?
I’ve seen many posts that have broken images because of this.
I am especially wondering about one of Dan M’s posts where he says stuff like “the pulls are these” where “these” is a link to the image (which is now dead) and no other information is provided.
Oh and yes, I checked the Wayback Machine and found nothing. :frowning:

I did an archive search and came up with some saves from 2007 to 2016.


I hope it helps.