What was your first Alarm for your collection?

My first alarm was an EST Genisus Horn strobe. Getting that thing was the happiest day of my life! That thing is amazing.

First pull station: Fire Lite bg12
First NA: Est g1rf-hdvm

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I think my first NA was a knock off spectralert classic
My first pull station was a fire-lite bg-12

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First device I ever got was a older Legrand manual call point, which I still have but unfortunately broken (two tabs on the bottom that hold the front have snapped), so out of sentimental value, I kept it.

First NA I got is a Klaxon Sonos sounder, in fact I got two of 'em and gave one to a friend.

These are my very first devices.

Simplex 4903-9101 strobe, 2901-9838 horn, backbox combo
Standard Electric Time MAJ-6 class change bell

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My first real fire alarm was an Edwards 6" 333-D Fire Bell. My mom got it from her work for me, which was a nursing home with an Edwards 6500 and 6700 fire panel.

My First pull station was a FireLite BG-12, and my first alarm was. a red Gentex Commander 3 strobe.

It’s funny to see that most people’s first Pull Station was a BG-12.


First pull station: Fire lite bg12
First notification appliance: est g1rf-hdvm

First Pull: Notifier BNG-1 (Dead)
First N/A: Wheelock MT-24-LSM-VFR (Abandoned)

My Edwards 17 vibrating bell was the very first piece I ever acquired for my collection, which was roughly ten years ago from a garage sale. I still have it today as a static display for an alarm board my stepdad built for me. I’m hoping I can wire this up someday.

Is it dc or ac? What voltage?

My first alarm was the rip off Spectralert Classic

What was your first pull station

I don’t have an answer, unfortunately. There are no markings on the device that indicate the voltage.

The rip-off BG12, the first one I wired up was a 4099 by simplex

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My first pull was a EST Siga

I remember havng an vintage Edwards pull station with a missing break rod, inside was a basic metal switch and had 8 screw on wire terminals on the back.

Lol. I just realized I picked that twice


that happens to me sometimes

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Fire Lite Bg-12 Duel Action