What would you say/do to people who thing it is funny to cause false fire alarms?

I would tell them that what they do affects the trust in the alarm, and basically they could cause a cry-wolf situation.

Probably what Barbecue in a G.I. Joe PSA on the topic once said: “False alarms are no joke: they keep firefighters away from the real action, & in this business, a few seconds can mean the difference between life & death”

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I would tell them the criminal charges and fines that will be put on them are really hefty and it’s gonna mess up your future and chances of success in a career.

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I’d tell them “Do the crime, pay the time”. If they do continue, they will be in for a “treat” when an Engine and Ladder Company from the Municipal FD, and a few Squad Cars pull up.

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Want to tamper with alarms? Fine.
(means financial punishment here)


The other solution is to just stick them in The Device.