What would you say/do to people who thing it is funny to cause false fire alarms?

I would tell them that what they do affects the trust in the alarm, and basically they could cause a cry-wolf situation.

Probably what Barbecue in a G.I. Joe PSA on the topic once said: “False alarms are no joke: they keep firefighters away from the real action, & in this business, a few seconds can mean the difference between life & death”

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I would tell them the criminal charges and fines that will be put on them are really hefty and it’s gonna mess up your future and chances of success in a career.

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I’d tell them “Do the crime, pay the time”. If they do continue, they will be in for a “treat” when an Engine and Ladder Company from the Municipal FD, and a few Squad Cars pull up.

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Want to tamper with alarms? Fine.
(means financial punishment here)


The other solution is to just stick them in The Device.

I’d thoroughly explain the significant disruption (business interruption, etc.) and alarm fatigue that result.

I’d also try to make sure the perpetrator faces significant legal and administrative consequences. The perpetrator should, to the maximum extent possible…

  1. Be prosecuted.
  2. Be permanently trespassed (banned) from the property. (or equivalent actions, e.g. evicted from their apartment building if that’s where the occurrence happened.)
  3. Be held liable for any damages incurred. The property owner can pursue such a claim against the perpetrator through several means, such as civil lawsuits or debt collectors.

One of these actions does not substitute the need for the others.

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you pulled the red lever now you burn a hole in ur bank acount

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  1. Be permanently blacklisted from emergency services - 911 won’t respond to him anymore and his life and property won’t be protected if there’s a real fire.
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No, that’s what should happen to people who evade taxes. Although I do think that a delay is acceptable.

I’d think china would do that but as far as I know the American and Canadian constitution can’t prohibit emergency services from reaching a certain person or property that’s in danger.