What would your voice evacuation message be?

Like the title says what would your voice evacuation message be? Leave a comment Down below

Get out of this building you idiot! Yeah, I see you ignoring me because voices are less intimidating than other alarms! HEY! Don’t just walk into Sears because its alarms aren’t going off! My lights aren’t flashing for nothing; just because you can’t see smoke doesn’t mean there’s no fire!

haha :lol:

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Attention anyone who cares, some idiot burnt a bag of popcorn for the thousandth time. If you don’t feel like ignoring The Voice of Darth Vader then feel free to run as fast as possible, find the farthest possible exit, use the elevators, and scream that you’re gonna die because you’d probably do that anyway even though there’s no fire and some stupid college kid decided to shoot the breeze with his roommate and ignore the popcorn in the microwave that he put in there for more than ten minutes.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! What does the beep mean? You have no idea. Why don’t you look at the thing making the beeping sound and find out? BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Oh wait, you can’t. The little red thing on the wall beeping at you is flashing a really bright light and blinding you so that there’s no way you could possibly see the word “FIRE” printed in huge, bold letters on the front. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!


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hahaha :lol:

This would have been my elementary school’s:
Great, one of your stupid teachers managed to burn something and trip our TrueAlarm smokes that have been programmed for hypersensitivity!
Middle School:
Yet another gas leak! Can you believe this building is only five years old?
High School:
My god, this is the lamest high school ever! None of you try to get out of tests? I was activated like every day five years ago! I’m surprised to ever see action, there’s always some sort of trouble on my panel.

I have to get Simplex soundbytes to see if I can replicate their computer-generated voice…

Haha you high school one matches my middle school it never has jus a power light right now it has been in alarm for 2 months the alarms are p2r s so the strobes don’t flash but then there is a trouble for neg ground I sink know what that means but oh well

Use Microsoft Sam. I mean, the messages sounds just like him, anyway. :mrgreen:

“Attention! Attention! A fire has been detected. Leave immediately!.. I really mean it! LEAVE NOW!.. OK, I guess if you’re not going to evacuate, I’ll have to take matters into my own hands!” – Leads to a barrage of annoying songs/singers (like Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, etc), then annoying sounds, like the EAS/EBS, nails on a chalkboard, etc


if the alarm system was Addressable, I’d have specific messages/songs according to the location. Example:

Boy’s restroom = Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room
Roof AC units = The Roof is on Fire
Pool area = Smoke on the Water

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Oh my god.

If that was my school, I would be emailing the superintendent with complaints.

That system might start a fire of it’s own.

ok what dose neg ground mean and it still has the alarm

It has something to do with the power supply and the way it’s grounded. My old Notifier S5000 has a separate transformer module and has trouble lights for both positive and negative ground faults. So no, negative ground faults don’t correspond with the alarm condition of the panel.

Maybe positive ground is when the control panel can detect a grounded connection, and negative ground is when a control panel can either not detect a grounded connection, or there is a short circuit somewhere touching the electrical box/control panel.

From http://www.simplexfire.com.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/165609/SIMPLEX-Fault-_and_-Assistance-Guide-RevA.pdf, page 28:

This document also states that a negative ground fault is when the negative terminal (-) is shorted to ground and a positive ground fault is when a positive terminal (+) is shorted to ground.
Makes sense.

ooh ok thanks

mine would be: there is people sleeping right now just ingoreing me but THERE IS A FIRE (every one wakes up) ok now that i got you up here is an update of whats going on the fire crew is responding code 3 to this place because an idiot thought it was funny to pull the alarm no he is working on finding money to get him out of jail and you need to get out Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep