Whatever happened YouTube user kcin556?

Hello fellow enthusiasts. I want to know why kcin556 hasn’t posted since last year? Did he retire? Did he lose his camera or the password to his YouTube/google account?

I believe I recall reading that he only posts when he has something interesting to share or demonstrate, which makes sense (let him tell you the answer though as I’m only recalling what I thought I saw somewhere).

Ok than that explains it

He is still active on the discord side of the community and is a mod here: The Fire Panel Discord

Hey! I still exist. Like Ryan said, I’m still active on this forum’s Discord counterpart.

I still actively buy, collect, and resell fire alarms. I haven’t posted to YouTube simply because I moved to an apartment so it’s more difficult to film videos! Nobody wants to hear their neighbor firing off alarms. You’ll notice that most of my videos from the past few years have been more so of a “discussion” versus alarms going off.

I still have all of my demo boards, panels, etc. Maybe I’ll get back to filming more some day soon.



Oh wow. This is a pleasant suprise. I like your videos on the gamewell pull stations

He’s probably not nor will I

Well from what he said, it sounds like his collection is not going anywhere

mf is not donating alarms

Yeah! If I had a collection like his, I wouldn’t donate it

Or his familly would auction off his collection on ebay

If i could lock this topic I would, Nick did not pass away. Something y’all kids need to learn is just because someone does not post or upload for a significant period of time does not mean they’re dead. People don’t devote their entire lives to making fire alarm videos on youtube. people have lives and dont want to be bothered or are too busy to care for the little kids needs.

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What does being single have anything to do with this, this might be the most childish thing I’ve ever seen on this forum.

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Well I’m a regular but I can only move topics not lock them