What's going on with my life anyway?

Alright everyone, I just thought i’d check in and tell everyone where I’ve been and why I have been so unresponsive here.

So, my interests have changed. I am not as interested in fire alarms anymore as I used to be (shocking I know) and it’s boiled down to being a side hobby now, not a major part of my life, like it used to be. This is why I have not been uploading videos really. Just haven’t really had much of anything to upload for one thing.

In the real world though, I have been busy with lots of stuff. Here’s a short summary.

  • In January, I graduated from the University of Maine at Augusta with a B.S. in Computer Network Management.
  • I have a collection of rotary phones still, which I have been meaning to show on YouTube for a while but just haven’t done it.
  • I have a backlog of various side projects I am slowly working through.
  • I’ve been trying to save money and prepare to move out. This being said, I’ve just not been interested in buying any fire alarms.
  • Become decent at bowling, not awesome but better than your average bowler.
  • Working on improving my swimming skills in order to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine. Open water diver certification.
  • Been just trying to stay positive, things are stressful for me right now.

    So yeah, I am still alive here, but I have just given the whole fire alarm community a back seat, I will admit.

    That being said, a few changes will be coming to this forum.

    First off, I will be stepping down as the lead administrator, and I will be finding somebody to handle the admin tasks that I presently am supposed to be doing.

    This does NOT mean I am leaving the forum for good! I will still continue to support it by renewing the domain and hosting every year, and I may pop in occasionally once in a while. I’ll also be handling high level issues as needed but everything else will be handled by whomever I hire as my replacement.

    Anyway, thank you all!

Thank you for being here, Andrew. This community really helped me open up around people with my own interest and helped me discover other interests I didn’t know I had.

Congratulations on graduating! I wish you success with wherever you decide to take your new degree.

Noooooo!!! Your videos were what got me into alarms in the first place!!! I’m proud that you are moving on and I hope you can achieve all your goals in life. I wish you the best! Yeh, it’s gonna be weird with out you being the administrator…but we’ll get used to it. Glad your not leaving forever though!

Me too! (though it may also have been Ben Schumin, IDK for sure…)

It’s sad to see so many of the most respected fire alarm enthusiasts ever lose their interest… especially when they got me into fire alarms!

BTW, NewAgeServer, do you know who the replacement admin will be?

as a long time diver, i can tell you 100%, swimming isn’t a needed a skill. if you can swim a lap around the pool, you should be good.

swimming introduces breathing habits that are actually bad for divers, and have you ever watched a video where divers are flailing their arms like a swimmer? nah, arms are down at your sides or holding a flashlight. go ahead and sign up for the courses whenever you’re able, it’s a life long activity that can take you all over the world to see stuff only other divers ever see!

The trouble is I can’t even do one lap, and I sink when I attempt to tread.

PADI course entrance swim test - at this time I’d fail it. That’s what the problem is here. I can’t pass the test so I won’t be able to do the course.