Whats the sickest siren you have ever seen?

so the sickest siren that I have seen was the thunderbolt 1000t by my house . at first the rotator stopped working then it started to sound like the blower was dying the next test the siren stoped working alltogether this week the siren was replaced with a modulator. what is the sickest siren you have ever seen?

a hand crank one at an antique store. the axle broke in my hand, and i am built like a minecraft skeleton, so i’m not very strong.

that happens alot with the old handcranks that hapened to me before many times

i also found a hand crank klaxon with a very stiff handle. it worked, but it took over 115 pounds of force to turn it.

did you try greasing it?

it costed well over $425, so i did not purchase it. i saw a white IBM 4030 near it, but it costed over $650.

dang thats crazy i found a unbranded handcrank with a stiff shaft and got it for free cuz nobody wanted it and fixed the shaft by greasing it

was it a siren or klaxon?

it was a siren sounded it for a couple of tornado warnings

I have seen a darley champion in Olathe, CO
My neighbor town
Its used as a noon siren
And its timer once broke and was blowing for 20 minutes straight
Its ontop of the old police station or now the government building

dang that must have been annoying