Whats with my schools alarms....

Hello. SO are school use to have 4 buildings:



Discovery+ Cub Gym/Former A.D.

Tiger gym

All Honeywell systems with S464B1002-2 local alarm pulls, EST Smokes(In some areas) and Honeywell horns(Some died 6 years ago and replaced with Simplex Horns.Any that have died this year(2) are replaced with System Sensor HR horns).

Back in 2012, We built the 2-story main building and demoed:



Now the new building has around 320 Spectra Alert Advances, 5 NACs in these areas:

2-Tiger Gym(Which is tied to the main building)

2-Down by the FACP in electrical


They are all SK 5895XL Intelligent Power Modules.

I found this after some digging:

The old building has NO panel(That i have found…). It has the SK Remote Annunciator as the main building.

So can the 2 buildings have 1 system?


All of these Say “NAC x”.

Smoke like a normal FACP…

Another Pic…

The Honeywell “Distribution Panel”

Arrangement of panels…

2901-9840(?) In band room

Unknown Honeywell horn, I can see that it says “Honeywell” on the front, just i can’t read the ID plate…

Horn with pull in a hallway off of the Choir Room…

Let me know what Y’all think…

Side Note: We also tied Tiger Gym to the the new building.

EDIT: The library was given 8 Spectra Alerts. Also an dressable pull…

Slightly off-topic but I think that Honeywell horn might be a rebranded Simplex 4041.

Yes, as long as the 2 buildings are apart of the same campus.

Huh… Interesting.

How big is the old building? Just a gym?

Pretty big. The old office, Choir, band, cafeteria, art, storage ESD, and the cub gym. there is other stuff to…

Too soon…

It could be that the main panel is located in an electrical or mechanical room that’s off-limits to students. An annunciator cannot function without one. It’s probably a 5820XL or IFP-1000, judging from your school’s size. If you ask me, it’s an IFP-1000, seeing as most new 5820XL installs use SK devices instead of SD devices.

But yeah, lots of panels can support additions to their existing NACs and SLCs, providing the SLC has enough points left. Case in point, my school (built in 2008 with an MXL system) had portables installed last year. In each room, there’s a pull, a smoke, and a ZH. Apparently the MXL had room for twelve more points, since there are three buildings, and two rooms per building.

It was named the year Challenger was made. Sad to see it go away.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid= … mTlTeBlUaw”>https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z_3YkCysIWaY.k8mTlTeBlUaw</LINK_TEXT>

Did you really read up there? I have searched the ENTIRE building. I know where the FACP in the new building is, I’m guessing a 5820XL as all upgrades have them in my district. The ‘Fire Evac. Route’ map shows the FACP being in the old office. This paper is dated 1984. This building is 100’ away so it’s kinda weird. All i know is there is a Honeywell system intact on campus at the Boys & Girls club.

a new mxl system in 2008? ugh.

regardless those panels can do 2000 points on a single node, and something like 64 nodes can be networked together. if your school is fully sprinkled, it probably has less than 200 points on the entire system.

Yes, Brandon, I have. If that building has smokes and pulls, I’m pretty sure it has a panel somewhere. How did you manage to get into the rooms off-limits to the students? Also, great job divulging your school’s location! Good luck with the stalkers.

Yeah, Chris, it’s an MXL. There’s an RCC in the lobby as well as the principal’s office, so I’m guessing the main panel is in an electrical room. I would have preferred it to have an E3 or an NFS2-3030, as I prefer Honeywell over Siemens.

Two systems at my old college's campus are like that. The Liberal Arts and Humanities buildings both share a single Faraday MPC-7000 panel from a 2005 renovation (Space Age VA4 horn/strobes, dual-action addressable Faraday Chevron pulls, "FireSmart" smoke/heat detectors.) The Science and Technology buildings both share a Notifier NFS2-640 panel rebranded by Johnson Controls (Wheelock Exceder horn/strobes, NBG-12LX pulls on ADA-extension adapters and 2151T smoke detectors.)

My high school has 3 buildings with 1 system. The main building which has 9838s, 2DCDs (replaced by Exceeders), 9219s and a single SpectrAlert Classic, the modular building which has 9 rooms have 3 Edwards 892-2B horns and the Aquaculture Building which was used for Aquaculture (now its two English classrooms) has one 9219 in the entryway and an ASWP outside.

I know, right!?? Didn’t he just tell us how giving our schedules is dangerous? :lol:

Actually the FACP stuff is where the 1980s stuff says it is. I going to take Chris on this… I have been in everyroom…

Really don’t care. I could care less. You know i am in middle school. You can easily find my city and the school is google search away…

Then the new panel probably covers all the buildings and the annunciator in the old building is most likely hooked up to it.

Brandon, why complain when someone posts their schedule, then be all apathetic when you pretty much pinpoint the exact location where you spend most of your day? Yeah, someone can find me if they do some digging, but let me tell you, the SAPD is one of the best police departments in the United States, not to mention we have some pretty good cops on our campus.


I’m behind seven proxies! :mrgreen: