Wheelock 34T-24 on a Notifier NFS-320

Since my first time hearing a 34T. They all sound weird for some reason. Is it the type of voltage there on like Full Wave Rectifed?

1st time: 34T by my classroom sounds rough and seems like there was a issue.

2nd time: I walk around while they were replacing pulls. I couldn’t get them or my mom would be mad. All the 34T’s sounded like 9838’s. I’m expecting there going to replace all of them.

Last day of school: The alarm was activated using the drill button. The MT was changed to Steady Horn.

I don’t know if it’s going on battery backup cause the MT sounds fine. Do most electromechanical horns do this on FWR.

The NFS-320 and the FCPS-24 (assuming there are any in that system) do not put out FWR.

<URL url="Notifier & Fire-Lite: Filtered or Full Wave Rectified? text=“viewtopic.php?f=60&t=6616”>Notifier & Fire-Lite: Filtered or Full Wave Rectified?

Electromechanical horns do sound raspy on FWR, however.

When you compared them to 9838s, are you talking about when a 9838 sounds smooth and nice or when it sounds raspy (if powered by FWR) ?

Another possibility is that the NAC is overloaded, and unable to provide enough power for the signals on the circuit. In that case they should have installed a NAC booster panel such as an FCPS-24S8 in the NAC to keep the power source strong.

It’s sounding like a raspy 9838 however. There’s alot of heat dectectors & smoke detectors. There’s about 21 34T’s and 3 EST Genesis’s with a Integrity which were added in the loudest area’s of the school. There’s a unknown bell on the system too which is defunct.

The panel was installed in August 2013 replacing a EST QuickStart which kept having issues. The only classroom to have a Fire Alarm is my classroom and it’s a Integrity…groan. However they removed the 34T in the cafeteria and the Mirtone pull which was there at some point.

I think it’s time for work to be done to the system. The building was built in 1919 and a new addition was added in 1958. It’s located beside the high school. <LINK_TEXT text=“Google Maps … JQBEPwSMA8”>Google Maps</LINK_TEXT> You might find the building interesting too!