Wheelock 7002T and 7002

Which model of the NON-ADA Horn Strobe came out first? The 7002T or the 7002? :?:

Wikipedia is your friend…

“Around 1976, Wheelock created the 7001 (flush-mount electromechanical), 7002 (surface-mount electromechanical), and 7004 (surface-mount vibratory) horn/strobes. These were the first audiovisual alarms to use xenon strobes instead of incandescent lights. The horn and strobe on the 7001 and 7002 models are wired together, resulting in a distinctive “skipping” sound. They skip because when the strobe charges, it draws power from the horn, and when the strobe flashes the power draw stops momentarily, causing it to skip. In 1985, Wheelock redesigned the horn’s grilles, making them vandal resistant. These models contain the letter “T” in their model numbers (i.e. 34T, 7002T, etc.).”

Fun fact: Some of us believe the -T means “terminal strip” because someone here has an alarm labeled “7002T” that has a open grille like a 7002, and a terminal strip instead of leads.

We may never know if this is correct or not.

Thanks! I am currently awaiting a 7002 so that’s why I asked.

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Read: Jared.

Also, the USP FHS-24 is pretty much a hardware clone of the 7002.

The USP FHS…I love that one. See, that’s why its hard for me to play favorites.

They both came out at the same time, with an open grille. The only difference is the 7002T has screw terminals while the 7002 has wire leads (the “T” in the model number means terminals). Around 1985, the grille was redesigned to be tamper-proof; and the regular 7002 was discontinued shortly thereafter.

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