Wheelock 7002T that I found in the back of a Asian store (or it could be a 7004T)


Nice, it looks to be in very good condition, which I’m sure is rare for such an old alarm. It could also be a 34T-24 WS-24, which is the 4-wire version of the 7002T (however those are very rare).

Yeah its definitely not wired up anymore has they now have system sensor PC2RL

Ah, makes sense. Reminds me of a Pyrotronics-rebranded 7002T I once found next to a Wheelock AS; more than likely the 7002T had been disconnected for years by that point.

I have a few of those that I think Wheelock made for Honeywell as an SC807.

Yeah Honeywell once rebranded a lot of Wheelock’s products (though now that they own Notifier, Fire-Lite, System Sensor, Gamewell-FCI, & Silent Knight they don’t need to anymore).