Wheelock 7004T Score

It’s always a good day to get new alarms out of the blue. A friend of my sent me a few pictures of what I thought were Wheelock 7002T’s, and some FCI MS-6 pulls from a small fire job he was doing, asking me if I wanted them. Of course I couldn’t refuse free 7002T’s, so I said yes. When I picked them up, I was very surprised to find they were actually Wheelock 7004T-115’s, with trim plates. They all work and sound awesome.

Awesome! Always good when you can save devices.

Wow that is sooo cool

I’m guessing the 7004t is 4 wire

No, still 2 wire like the original 7002T. However since the strobe and horn are wired in parallel, it doesn’t strobe skip like the originals, which are wired in series.

It’s also 120VAC instead of 24VDC. I’ve seen a few enthusiasts mistake the “4” in “7004T” as meaning “4-wire”: in actuality a 4-wire 7002T is a “34T-24 WS-24” (which are very rare).

i would ask for one, but i don’t like the 115 volt model.

Yo I have a 7004T too
(But I haven’t powered it up yet)