WHEELOCK C7001T-24, Wanted to buy 1

I need model # for a white ceiling horn/strobe to go with a 7002T-24.

I don’t think they were made in white, but the C7001-T would be what you are looking for.

I’m looking for a Wheelock C7001T-24 horn/strobe to buy or a wheelock white ceiling horn/strobe that will work with 7002T-24 devices.

Is it for an actual life safety system or for a demo setup?

It is for active life safety system.

I’m sorry but you’re both very unlikely to find one for sale & shouldn’t really be using such an old device as a replacement anyway: any current Wheelock horn/strobe should work fine with the existing alarms.

You need to replace with a modern replacement device, you should not put up a discontinued device. 7000 series don’t sync, but should probably stick up a new Wheelock horn strobe rather than any other brand. The device you mentioned is 24 volt, so any modern wheelock device will do. Match existing color and mount type (ceiling in your case) and you’re good. In this case, you’re looking for the model number “ELHSWC” which includes ‘FIRE’ lettering, or “ ELHSWC-N” which is just a horn strobe, no lettering. Match whatever is already there exactly, with the modern variant.

Note: if a supplier has older (but modern) models that’s fine. The model numbers listed above are pretty new so suppliers may be selling off existing stock.