Wheelock ES-EL1-WS-24 (electronic 7002T)

Posted by YouTube user Railroad Rick.

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I have seen these before in photos. I might obtain an ES DL1 in the future at some point which is the same Alarm but without the strobe.

That is a really cool find! I didn’t even know there were electronic 7002Ts!

They’re not 7002TS as they do not skip. They are a 4 wire electronic multitone horn. They are very rare, but on eBay you can get one without a strobe New for $14.99 or something like that.

I’ve never heard of these before! I want one now.

Well when I first saw the Edwards 792, I thought that the were speaker/strobes at first also.

Well, they’re technically a ‘multitone speaker.’ Since the Wheelock catalogs were wiped out during the server crash, I can’t view the images to verify them; or it’s just the school wifi blocking the images. Nevertheless, these actually are an electronic horn. They were produced from the late 1980s up until the discontinuation of the Wheelock non-ADA devices in the 1990s. The remote horn variant is the ES-DL1 and can be found on eBay NIB from the seller toomanyamps (both horn and horn/strobe variants are just as rare). They were designed to be used on filtered DC (back when all Wheelock products were strictly filtered DC as FWR wasn’t as common as it is today) and were never a popular product, thus only being seen in actual installations in the most rare of circumstances.

You’re right to assume they were speakers, as the E70 and ET70 look exactly the same and because these use a speaker strobe grille, wouldn’t be able to be identified unless you looked at the label on the back or heard them go off.