Wheelock Exceder LED3 not syncing to my sync module with the NS and RSS

I have a bit of an issue here…

So, even though I have the timing right for wheelock sync on my homemade sync module, but the LED3 Exceders are not syncing with the NS and RSS. IDK if the timing is a bit different for the Wheelock Exceder LED3 or what, but on silence while still syncing, the Exceder LED3s stop flashing.

Does anyone have an answer to this, that maybe the LED3 Exceders have a different timing than the xenon Exceders and the older syncable strobes from Wheelock?

How are they not syncing? Like what are they actually doing? Are they lagging behind their xenon counterparts, are they not even syncing to the other led devices, some more info please.

I figured it out, Wheelock changed the pulse pattern for the sync to work with the Exceder LED units… Here is the video from BlackLighting 4547, if you go to 8:21 he has a newer DSM that has a different pattern than the older one which in the beginning does the three fast pulses for the alarms to start to sync. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxOO3iDZtYE

Does this newer sync work with devices new and old alike?

Probably… It might work with old and new wheelock devices.