Wheelock Introduces Exceeder LED Speaker/Strobes

Wheelock recently introduced LED Exceeder Speaker/Strobes. I think they really look like EST Genesis Speaker/Strobes, as the LED Exceeders are similar in appearance to the Genesis horn/strobes.

They have a pretty impressive frequency range for fire alarm speakers. The audio quality should be a little clearer and brighter than we’re used to hearing with voice evac.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that these come out just as the Genesis’s design patent has ended or is soon to end. :slight_smile:

Ironic that Wheelock would rip off designs…

I new they had the LED horn/strobes, but I did not know they had the LED speaker/strobes. I did not know there were even Exceder speaker/strobes. LED fire alarms are good, because it will allow for more devices per circuit. I just don’t think the flash will be as noticeable as a traditional xenon light bulb.

It actually looks like a combination of the Wheelock E50 and the EST Genesis speaker/strobe to me…

That’s what I am also thinking.

I like the Wheelock one better, because it has a nice curve to it, and, of course, it is LED. It looks really high tech.

I also noticed Wheelock is also offering a high-fidelity version of the E70 speaker/strobe…

I saw that on their website. What does it mean?? High reliability, high volume?

It means better sound quality. I guess they thought, “As long as we’re making a high-fidelity Exceder speaker/strobe, let’s give our old E70 line a high-fidelity speaker as well!”

Going on the website, I see the Wheelock MT series is still available, though I doubt many new installations would use them (as most new non-Siemens Wheelock horn/strobe installations I’ve seen since 2010 use the Exceders, even at my college!) They even still offer the ASWP for outdoor installation, but the NS and ZNS are long gone now, and instead live on as the Exceder (I said this because the Exceder has the same horn circuitry and sound as the NS and ZNS did.)

They have high-fidelity E50’s as well. I agree that the new Exceder LED speakers look like a cross between the E50 and the Genesis speaker/strobes.

I forgot where, but I remember seeing a newly installed MT somewhere recently. Simplex used to use MT’s in a lot of outdoor horn applications around here, up until about 2 years ago when they switched to the weatherproof TrueAlerts.

I saw that on Wheelock’s website, but wasn’t sure if that is what is solely meant. Yes, a new Wheelock install that U have seen (Publix), is also Exceders (and a few AS’s)

There are a few new Wheelock HS4’s at my school, which is basically the MT with only the horn tone. It looks the same and everything.

They are kind of ugly :expressionless: . Thats what you call the low end of the line.

Too bad that the patent for EST has just about ended.

What makes you say that?

Which alarm are you talking about?