Wheelock lights

Did Wheelock ever make incandescent lights instead of strobes at one point? I got a Wheelock phone signal… it’s a light instead of a strobe… and it looks like a Wheelock WS strobe cover only it says Phone.

I think I recall Wheelock making an incandescent version of their old vertical remote strobe; it was red with white “FIRE” lettering. This was back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I believe. I doubt Wheelock ever made an audible/light signal; I don’t think an incandescent 7002/7002T would work very well (with them being 2-wire and everything.) And if Wheelock wanted a horn/light, they could just put the 34 or 34T horn on the SAE AV32 light plate (I’ve seen this setup NUMEROUS times, especially on old Fire-Lite, Notifier and FCI systems.)

i have a photo lying around somewhere of one of those, though i have no idea where it is. it was taken at the marriott marquis hotel in atlanta. i think i recall someone reposting it at some point, suspecting that the photo had been photoshopped.