Wheelock pull stations.

Why are there no pull stations branded Wheelock? The company makes pull stations. Why are they never branded as such?

I’ve never seen any pull stations made by Wheelock.

According to this article, Wheelock does make pull stations. But apparantly, the pull stations are never branded as such.

[quote] though its products may not always be branded as such (for instance, I have NEVER seen Wheelock's pull station branded as Wheelock except on Wheelock's own site). [/quote]

#1 Rule about Wikipedia is their information is not always correct.

Wheelock does not and has never actually made pull stations.
Now they do sell these:

But they are just SIGCOM pulls rebranded.

Yep. That is definitely true. Anyone can edit Wikipedia. Articles are going to have mistakes in them.

These pull stations are also made by Simplex, Ademco, Silent Knight, Bosch, and probably more brands. It is a generic pull station.

When did Wheelock first start to rebrand these pulls?