Wheelock speakers and chimes with Faraday covers

I found this speaker strobe on Walmart’s website. It appears to be a Wheelock ET-1090 speaker strobe connected to a 15/75 candela Faraday strobe. The grille contains a label that reads “5528-W” and the strobe is clearly 15/75 candela, which is consistent with Faraday’s other naming schemes, such as the 6228-W being a ceiling mount 15/75 candela electromechanical horn strobe.

I also found this chime strobe image on eBay (although the original listing is gone). The image does not show the back of the device, but it is odd that this unit came in a Wheelock box, and it is also labeled as an IS strobe. The box label also appears to have a date code of “2197,” which is after Cerberus Pyrotronics acquired Faraday.

Is the origin and purpose of these devices known? I thought Faraday/Pyrotronics were already producing their own speakers and chimes before these devices were manufactured.

It was a similar grille design, but had nothing to do with Wheelock. Faraday speaker strobes with this grille design were present in the 80s with non ADA strobes.

I’ve noticed that: that some Wheelock, Faraday/Cerberus Pyrotronics/Siemens, & even Gentex devices share very similar designs. For instance, Wheelock’s CH70 & E70-serieses have basically the same design as Gentex’s SPK4-series (speaker-wise at least), why this is I have no idea however (unless maybe one or the other was made by one company for the other for whatever reason).

I am aware of Faraday’s ceiling speakers with a similar grille design. However, the speaker circuitboard in image 2 says “STROBE ET” and it appears to have all of the Wheelock functionality, including dual voltage capabilities that were not present in Faraday speakers (or at least the SH/SL/SM versions sold under the Cerberus Pyrotronics brand) until the Clear-Speak Plus series in 2002. The label for the speaker is also slightly visible under the circuitboard, where the model ends with “-IS-24” and several Wheelock patent numbers are visible (namely 5121033 and 5347259).

I thought that maybe the seller onefold mixed up a Wheelock alarm with a Faraday/CP alarm.